By: Aaron Fox Last Updated: July 28, 2017

Melissa Emmons has a background in insurance and cosmetic sales, but a love for healthy eating and fitness. And what first seemed beyond “weird”—bacon and eggs and all things fat(?!)—quickly turned into an addiction once she saw how effective paleo/primal living was.

She’d always had a dream to become certified in fitness or nutrition, but was looking for a program that was aligned with her values, lifestyle, and diet. And then, finally, an ancestral health coaching program was born! She signed up within the first few months Primal Health Coaching was launched, and since then she’s been building her business as a health coach. Her first client (a coworker) lost 30 pounds in just 6-8 weeks!

“I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who either wants to further their knowledge for themselves, personally, because it really helped me change some things in my life, and also helped my family too…and then anyone who is in the paleosphere and wants to help others in any way…it could be fitness, it could be lifestyle, it could be food…anything.”

Watch her video to see how Melissa is transitioning from a career in sales to a career as a part-time (until full-time beckons) Primal Health Coach.

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