Last Updated: January 16, 2020

I feel like I’m the most productive when I’m inspired—seeing what other people are doing, creating, and putting out into the world. And while I’m kind of a social media scroller, I love getting stopped in my tracks by other health and wellness coaches who are out there really owning it—confidently and consistently sharing their message in a powerful, fearless, and inspiring way (regardless of how many followers or subscribers they have).

Last year, we featured these 10 influential health coaches to follow to show you how they’re doing it and who they’re doing it for (aka their niche). This year we’re back for more with another 10 health and wellness coaches you’ll want to add to your list, from ancestral health experts to fitness pros to coaches who help other health coaches build successful businesses.

1. Anya Perry

Who She Is: You might recognize this certified health coach and productivity expert from the Habits to Thrive Summit. When she’s not hosting online events like this one held last fall, she’s helping tired online business owners maximize their energy and master self-discipline so they can excel in their business and personal life through healthy habits and powerful shifts in mindset.

Where To Follow Her: Catch her on Instagram @anya.perry, on her podcast: The Habit Queen, or in her Unstoppable Entrepreneur Academy course through her website.

2. Andrea Beaman

Who She Is: As a holistic health coach, natural foods chef, and herbalist—not to mention an educator, speaker, and best-selling author, Andrea is passionate about teaching ancient healing wisdom to modern people. She proves that you don’t have to pick just one way to share your knowledge and expertise with your niche.

Where To Follow Her: See what she’s up to on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, or on her website.

3. Joe Condora

Who He Is: The founder of Primal Example (and recently featured in the Habits to Thrive Summit), Joe is a nutritionist for professional athletes, actors, and rappers. He helps his high-profile clients optimize their health and performance using outside-the-box nutrition, movement, and bio-hacking strategies.

Where To Follow Him: You can find Joe on Instagram @primalexample, on the Primal Example podcast, on Twitter, and of course, on his website.

4. Amanda Cook

Who She Is: This health coach and self-described marketing geek is the face behind Wellpreneur, a company that helps health coaches, nutritional therapists, yoga teachers, and other holistic practitioners grow their wellness businesses without burning out.

Where To Follow Her: All the usual places, including Instagram @wellpreneur, plus her podcast, and her online course, the Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp.

5. Adam Bornstein

Who He Is: Adam describes his company, Born Fitness, as something that resulted from the frustration of conflicting ideas and empty promises in the world of fitness and nutrition. As a New York Times bestselling author, researcher, award-winning fitness and nutrition editor, and coach, his no-nonsense approach cuts through the confusion with clear answers and expert advice.

Where To Follow Him: See how he does it on Twitter, Instagram @bornfitness, or in his signature program, The Fat Loss Academy.

6. Erin Power

Who She Is: Known as the Metabolism Fixer, Erin (who’s also our new Coaching Director here at the Primal Health Coach Institute) helps her clients effortlessly lose fat and gain energy, all while learning to love and trust the miracle that is their bodies.

Where To Follow Her: Follow along on Instagram @eat.simple.erin, her website, and every week on the Health Coach Radio podcast, co-hosted by Primal Health Coach Institute’s Director of Admissions, Laura Rupsis.

7. Michelle Leotta

Who She Is: This integrative health and business coach wears a lot of hats. Not only is she the founder of Health Coach Power, a platform that helps new health coaches build profitable practices, she also runs She’s Got Power, where she helps women heal from burnout and chronic stress.

Where To Follow Her: Request to join Michelle’s business-building Facebook group, follow her on Instagram @healthcoachpowercommunity, or check out her weekly Health Coach Power Community podcast.

8. Marisa Moon

Who She Is: A certified Primal Health Coach and the creator of the online course, Intermittent Fasting Freedom, Marisa helps busy adults find freedom from diets and food rules through intermittent fasting. You might also recognize Marisa as one of the speakers in last year’s Habits to Thrive Summit.

Where To Follow Her: You can find her on Instagram @marisa_moon, the upcoming Fasting Reset Summit, or on her podcast where she shares her primal perspective on nutrition and lifestyle.

9. Chris Prior

Who He Is: If you’ve been following our Day in the Life of a Primal Health Coach series, you know the man behind The Optimized Life. Through one-on-one coaching and his signature program, 8 to STRAIGHT, Chris helps corporate dads lose 20+ pounds forever without cardio or dieting.

Where To Follow Him: Check Chris out on Instagram @the_optimized_life, on his Facebook page, and as a guest on podcasts like this one from fellow Primal Health Coach, Jonathan Geiman.

10. Katie Duda

Who SheIs: Katie’s a certified Nutrition and Digestive Health coach who helps her clients navigate the noisy wellness world with an anti-diet, science-backed approach. She works one-on-one with clients struggling with chronic stress and digestive issues, something she knows a lot about from her own health challenges and transformation before becoming a coach.

Where To Follow Her: Follow Katie’s journey on her Real Raw You podcast, on Instagram @ditchthescale, or on her website.

Feeling Inspired?

As you probably noticed, there are lots of ways put to yourself out there are as a health and wellness coach—and lots of platforms to do it on. The one thing all of these coaches have in common though is that they’re crystal clear with their message, whether they’re posting Q&A videos on YouTube, sharing their expert insights on Instagram, or creating and selling signature courses. That’s what makes them so influential. And if you’re starting to play the comparison game, don’t. Use these 10 coaches as examples of how other people are positioning themselves to their niche audience. Remember, if they’re out there doing it, you can too.

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