I’ve wanted to work from home ever since my oldest daughter was little. I liked the idea of having a flexible schedule, a short commute down the hall, and no fluorescent lighting or office politics. Working from home sounded like a pretty good gig. And it has been—seeing that I’ve been doing it successfully for over 14 years now.

If you have kids, maybe the thought of being there after school sounds good to you. Or you’d love to work in your slippers all day. Or thinking about sitting in rush hour traffic one more time makes you want to pull your hair out.

Working from home is pretty awesome, take it from me, and if you’re wondering what you can do remotely using your health coaching certification, don’t miss today’s post, where I’ll be sharing 23 work-from-home jobs you can do as a health coach—including 10 jobs you can apply for right now—plus, all the apps you need to get started.

1. Work With Clients Remotely

This one may seem like a given for self-employed health coaches, but it’s important to include on the list. With simple-to-use apps like Skype and Facetime, you can connect with clients face-to-face anywhere around the world in just a few clicks.

2. See Clients in Your Home Office

If you like working one-on-one but prefer in-person sessions, why not see clients in your home? Designate a clean, private space, preferably a room with a separate entrance or that’s near the door so clients don’t have to walk through your house. And consider using an online scheduler like Acuity to make it easier for clients to get on your calendar.

3. Lead Group Nutrition Classes

One-on-ones aren’t your thing? You might like leading small group classes online. Personally, I love using Zoom to host my quarterly RESTART sugar detox classes. Zoom is great for working with clients one-on-one, too.

4. Run Online Challenges

A lot of graduates of the Primal Health Coach Institute run online challenges based on Mark Sisson’s 21-Day Total Body Transformation. You may have even run one yourself. What’s great about these is that they’re totally scalable and have a low barrier to entry, so you can help more clients without spending more time. Use the Facebook app to get the word out to your niche.

5. Self-Publish a Book

Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Create, you can be a health and wellness author without needing to secure an agent or editor. If writing a book has been on your bucket list, think about what your health coaching niche needs. It might be a keto cookbook for busy working parents, a book about primal movement, or the story of how you reversed your own diabetes diagnosis.

6. Write Articles on Health and Wellness

Another work-from-home job you can do as a health coach is freelance writing for magazines, websites, and other media outlets. Check out these links for guidelines on getting your health, fitness, or nutrition article published on MindBodyGreen, Upworthy, Health, or Eating Well. And download the Upwork app to see tons of remote freelance jobs posted daily.

7. Put on Cooking Events in Your Kitchen

Love to cook for your friends and family? Turn it into an at-home job by hosting dinner parties that teach clients about nutrition and basic cooking techniques in your own kitchen. Depending on your niche, you could host paleo dinners, make keto-friendly dishes, or prepare low sugar desserts. Promote your events for just a few bucks when you set up a business account on Instagram.

8. Start a Healthy Meal Planning Service

People are busier than ever these days. They don’t have time to eat right, let alone plan healthy meals. That’s where you come in. If you’re organized, consider starting a healthy meal planning service with recipes for every day of the week and detailed grocery shopping lists. Mealime is an easy-to-use app that lets you build meals around dietary restrictions and preferences. Plus, it auto-generates a grocery list for you.

9. Be a Blogger

Every week I sit in my comfy home office, usually with my 12-year-old Australian Shepard at my slipper-wearing feet, writing these blog posts for the Primal Health Coach Institute. I’ve been a writer for 20+ years, but you don’t need decades of experience to be a blogger. Apps like WordPress let you get your first blog post off the ground quickly. And you can include affiliate marketing links or ads to monetize your blog.

10. Host a Podcast or Start a YouTube Channel

Do you need a health coaching certification to host a podcast or start a channel on YouTube? No, but a certification like one from the Primal Health Coach Institute gives you added expertise and credibility. You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started, either. You can record, edit, and broadcast your podcast using the Spreaker Studio app, and/or manage your channel with the YouTube Studio app. Generate income by monetizing it like you would your blog.

11. Design and Sell an Online Course

Creating an online course is an easy way to share your knowledge about health and fitness in a way that reaches the masses. Not only is it another job you can do from home, it’s designed to make you money while you sleep. And there are tons of great platforms to build one on. Check out this blog post we wrote about it a few months back.

12. Create a Membership-Based Community

Are you great at coming up with primal-inspired workouts? Keto-friendly snacks for picky eaters? Or mindset strategies that help your clients overcome limiting beliefs? Start an online community where members pay a monthly subscription to access your made-from-home content. Get started with the WordPress app, then download the MemberPress plug-in to bring it to life for subscribers.

13. Help Others as a Virtual Assistant

You already have an understanding of the ins and outs of a health coach’s schedule. But if you’re more interested in working behind-the-scenes than being front and center (and you’d also like to work from home), consider being a virtual assistant, where you might be blogging and managing emails one day, and designing logos and scheduling social media posts the next. In addition to Upwork, Flexjobs is a great place to start your virtual assistant search.

The jobs above are ones where you work as a self-employed entrepreneur. But what about companies that hire you to work from home?

More and more companies are employing remote workers, and not just for health coaching. Think about what your background is in, and keep your options (and your mind) open. You might find health and wellness companies posting jobs for social media managers, graphic designers, customer service pros, or accounting experts. Below are 10 example listings I found last week on Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter(at the time of posting).

14. Email Marketing Manager

This work-from-home position for a hemp oil company was posted on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in writing email newsletters, designing email campaigns, and managing subscribers, it might be a great fit for you.

15. Certified Health Coach

Fitbit recently partnered with Carenet Health, a leading healthcare engagement company. And in this at-home job, you’d be part of their new program combining Fitbit’s digital platform with personalized one-on-one health coaching.

16. Emotional Wellness Coach

If you have experience in mental health coaching, you might be interested in this remote position with Lyra Health, a company that hires therapists and coaches to help people achieve their best emotional well-being, and works with corporations like Uber, Lyft, and eBay.

17. Affiliate Manager

Another completely remote, work-from-home job is this one for Mindful Health, where you’re responsible for tracking and analyzing all influencer, affiliate, and public relations programs.

18. Social Media Specialist

Revival Point Labs is looking for a social media expert with a proven track record of driving traffic through social media channels. This is a remote position too, and if it sounds like something that would be a great fit, you can apply here.

19. Virtual Health Coach

The mobile health coaching company Noom is hiring, and they’re looking for an entry-level health coach. In this job, you’d work with clients remotely to prevent or manage chronic health conditions through diet and lifestyle changes.

20. Freelance Health, Science, and Lifestyle Reporter

Healthline.com reaches 200 million people a month around the world. And they’re looking for journalists to write health, science, and lifestyle pieces for their website. You need prior experience as a reporter or editor, but like the other jobs on this list, you can do it all from home.

21. Growth Marketer

If you’re as passionate about a low carb/high fat lifestyle as you are about content marketing and SEO, then this job at KetoLogic might be perfect for you. In this remote role, you’ll use your nutrition knowledge and blogging experience to help get this start-up off the ground.

22. Health Promotion Specialist

Use your health coaching certification to support the well-being improvement program for digital health company, Sharecare. In this position, you’ll schedule corporate wellness programs, address the needs of participating clients, and collaborate with other groups within the organization, all from home.

23. Remote Health Coach

Got a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education, Exercise Physiology, or other health-related field? Plus you’re a health coach? You might want to apply for this work-from-home job at Anthem, where you’ll be conducting assessments, coordinating with nurses, and helping clients manage chronic diseases.


If you’ve been thinking about leaving the in-office workforce behind, along with all the traffic, rigid schedules, and dated lighting that can come with it, there’s good news. Whether you decide to work for yourself or work for someone else, there are so many opportunities for you to use your health coaching certification from the comfort of your own home.

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