A few months ago, I was on a group call with Pete Vargas. If you’re not familiar with Pete, he’s known as the Stage Whisperer, and is one of the most influential coaches when it comes to public speaking. Before this call, I had no interest in speaking in public, hosting a webinar, or giving a talk at my local gym or co-op—or why I’d even want to do those things, especially since I tend to be more on the introverted side.

Turns out, it’s one of the best ways to grow your health coaching business. In fact, talks and webinars can:

  • Create buzz about what you do
  • Establish you as an expert in your field
  • Generate new leads

You don’t have to be an awesome speaker when you first start. You do, however, need to have an interesting topic. Something that allows you to share your story and your special sauce. And of course, something your niche audience is interested in learning more about.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 49 topics for your next health coaching webinar or speaking event. If you don’t see your area of expertise listed here, you can use these topics to inspire a niche-specific one your audience will love.

If You Specialize in Fat Loss

1. Foods that transform you into a fat burner

2. Top 5 high-fat foods and why you shouldn’t fear them

3. What a ketogenic diet really looks like

4. How to lose fat without eating less

5. Why healthy fats are even more important as you age

6. The best exercises to keeping you burning fat all day

7. What really happens when you eat a low-fat diet

If You Specialize in Women’s Hormone Health

8. How to balance your hormones naturally

9. The role sugar plays in infertility

10. How your thoughts can trigger hormone imbalances

11. Getting to the root cause of PCOS

12. How to avoid cravings during pregnancy

13. Why chronic stress wreaks havoc on your hormones

14. Best supplements for getting through menopause

If You Specialize in Functional Fitness

15. Household chores that double as exercise

16. Improving mobility when you sit for 8 hours a day

17. How chronic cardio is working against you

18. Top functional training exercises to add to your gym workout

19. Swap your pain meds for these strength exercises

20. Functional fitness for specific jobs (firefighters, construction workers, etc.)

21. Building a functional workout using items you have a home

If You Specialize in Stress Management

22. Ingredients that reduce stress naturally

23. How chronic stress can be a secret killer

24. Foods to avoid when you’re stressed out

25. What breathing has to do with your stress levels

26. How sleep quality impacts your daily stress

27. Quick exercises you can do to lower stress instantly

28. How getting up from your chair can save your life

If You Specialize in Gut Health

29. Ways to naturally improve your digestion

30. Why your brain plays a bigger role than you think

31. The difference between probiotics and prebiotics

32. How to ferment foods at home

33. Why eating grains can increase your chances of developing food allergies

34. How chronic stress affects your immune system

35. What your transit time says about your gut health

If You Specialize in Endurance Athletes

36. Real foods that balance electrolytes better than gels

37. How to be an endurance athlete on a primal diet

38. The secret of the train low/race high technique

39. Why chronic overtraining won’t get you a PR

40. How to fuel like a caveman at ultramarathon aid stations

41. The role sleep and recovery play in your training cycle

42. The best strength exercises for endurance athletes

If You Specialize in Mental Health

43. The best diet for anxiety and depression

44. How sugar and grains can make your symptoms worse

45. Easy self-care tips to add to your daily routine

46. Questions to ask your physician before going on medication

47. Why healthy fats are your secret weapon

48. Best exercises to alleviate anxiety and depression

49. How improving your gut health can improve your mental health

Want to brainstorm your own list of topics? Start by getting clear on your niche audience. Really visualize who you’re excited about helping. Then, consider the health challenges you’re passionate about, which likely includes struggles you had during your own health transformation. Finally, think about what people always ask you at parties, on social media, or at family reunions. Or what message you’re dying to share with the world.

To Recap

Public speaking events and webinars are both smart ways to grow your health coaching business. Not only do they get the word out about what you do, they position you as an expert in your field—whether you’ve been a health coach for years or you’re working toward your certification in a program like the Primal Health Coach Institute. You know more than you think you do, and by hosting webinars and talks at your gym, yoga studio, school, or naturopath’s office, you can share your message in a way that reaches hundreds or even thousands of potential new clients.

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