Last Updated: November 06, 2019

You know that feeling? The feeling of tapping into a niche that so desperately needs you, and that you’re totally passionate about? For some, finding a specific calling as a health coach comes easy. For others, it can take a little more soul searching.

Your niche might be inspired by your own story and transformation. Or it could be a health challenge that you’re struggling with as we speak. Or you could have no clue who you want to help or what health challenges you’d even help them with.

Regardless of where you are in the niche-discovering department, it’s important to have one. That’s because having a niche positions you as the go-to expert in your field. Also, people like to buy targeted solutions, not general ones. So, instead of saying you help “men lose weight” or “women get fit,” dig deeper to uncover your audience’s specific pain points.

To show you what we mean, here are 63 niches that health coaches just like you are tapping into right now.

Weight Loss & Body Confidence

1. Help chronic dieters achieve an effortless relationship with food

2. Show corporate dads how to lose 20+ pounds forever without dieting

3. Empower working millennials to go from sugar burners to fat burners

4. Prevent college students from gaining ‘The Freshman 15″

5. Help men and women drop 100+ pounds for good on a ketogenic diet

6. Re-educate corporate America on the far-reaching effects of processed food

7. Help women lose weight and gain energy so that they can confidently attack their dreams

8. Create personalized weight-loss plans for busy brides-to-be

9. Teach men how to be at peace with food and their bodies at any age

10. Break the cycle for overweight, sugar-addicted adults

Healthier Habits

11. Create positive changes in employee health through corporate nutrition and fitness programs

12. Show single parents how to feed their families primally on a budget

13. Help truck drivers eat healthier on the road

14. Teach urban families how to grow their own (pesticide-free) produce

15. Help men in their prime build sustainable, healthy habits to re-energize their lives

16. Steer baby boomers away from an inflammatory Standard American Diet

17. Educate teachers and students about mindfulness, nutrition, and playtime in schools

18. Show corporate moms easy ways to incorporate self-care into their day

19. Empower women to create healthy habits that stick

20. Help parents of picky eaters swap processed foods for nutrient-dense foods

21. Lead women to stop binge and emotional eating and regain their confidence


22. Teach sedentary office workers to rediscover the joy of movement

23. Get half marathoners to a personal best with customized nutrition

24. Prevent injuries and overtraining in older triathletes

25. Help corporate dads get faster and stronger with less gym time

26. Break the chronic cardio cycle for frustrated endurance athletes

27. Make fitness fun for elementary school aged kids

28. Improve employee productivity and happiness with lunchtime movement classes

29. Show exercise-haters how to improve their fitness in 10 minutes or less

30. Teach women proper lifting techniques and how to fuel their bodies with the right foods

31. Help sales professionals maintain their fitness levels while traveling

32. Show skinny-fat guys how to transform their bodies and get in rad shape

Stress Management

33. Teach burned-out professionals how to regain their energy and vitality

34. Show overwhelmed teens how to manage stress and cope with life without medication

35. Give overworked CEOs simple ways to de-stress on a daily basis

36. Show busy women how to prioritize themselves and find time for health and fitness

37. Help ambitious teenage girls free themselves from perfectionism and self-doubt

38. Teach overachieving women how to live their best lives no matter what life has thrown at them

Balancing Hormones

39. Show couples how to maximize fertility by eating the right foods

40. Help men feel 20 years younger through intermittent fasting

41. Navigate menopause for overwhelmed and exhausted working moms

42. Teach young women how to get to the root cause of their period problems

43. Work with post-menopausal women to lose those extra 10+ pounds

44. Help new moms navigate parenthood with nutrition advice, support, and at-home workouts

45. Reverse the low testosterone epidemic for men in their 40s and 50s

46. Show women how to heal PCOS and optimize their health for pregnancy

47. Optimize women’s hormones so they don’t just survive midlife, they thrive

Chronic Health Issues

48. Reverse Type 2 diabetes in 10,000 people through primal living

49. Help chronically ill women heal and take back their lives without any medical help

50. Reverse autoimmune diseases with food and self-care

51. Free aging adults from chronic joint pain using natural herbs and supplements

52. Show weight-frustrated moms how to heal their guts, have boundless energy, and reclaim their body confidence

53. Guide corporate professionals to heal their IBS and SIBO forever without medications or surgery

54. Show teens how to navigate food sensitivities to enjoy a full and stress-free life

55. Get overweight men to ditch their antacids for good—and feel great in the process

56. Help women with a history of heart disease reprogram their genes and live a medication-free life

57. Reduce health care costs for companies through employee health risk assessments


58. Help women entrepreneurs charge what they’re worth without being salesy

59. Teach passionate health coaches how to start and scale their online businesses

60. Show introverted health coaches how to become more visible without changing who they are

61. Guide health and nutrition professionals to build 6-figure businesses while traveling the world

62. Help women build health coaching businesses that are in alignment with their soul’s purpose

63. Show health coaches how to consistently book more ideal clients and reach full-time income

Which Niche Speaks to You?

Maybe you’ll become the go-to expert in working with overweight corporate dads. Or frustrated parents of processed food eaters. Or diabetics who are ready to ditch their medications for good.

Or maybe this list has inspired you to come up with an untapped niche that totally resonates with you on a personal level. Remember, narrowing down your niche is a key part of building a successful health coaching business. And while it may feel like you’re leaving out a huge percentage of the population by doing this, it actually positions you as an expert and attracts more people who are interested in what you have to say.

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