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How to Legally Protect Yourself as a Health Coach

by: Primal Health Coach Institute
Published: November 2, 2023
Updated: November 2, 2023

In the bustling world of health coaching, your passion drives you to empower others, but safeguarding your own entrepreneurial journey is equally important. As a health coach, you operate in a semi-unregulated industry that brings with it many layers of risk, and as you dive into the online world to market your business, you’re opening yourself up to more legal issues.

Learn how to legally protect yourself as a health coach with these must-have legal agreements.

Learn how to legally protect yourself as a health coach with these must-have legal agreements.

Creating a solid legal foundation is essential and allows you to confidently move forward with building your business without stress!

BUT, you also don’t want to do this with generic legal agreements that aren’t specific to health coaches. That’s why we partnered with Law Is Fun. Their legal agreements are written specifically for Health Coaches and speak to the nuances of our industry, so you can be confident you’re covered for all risks!

Law Is Fun have 3 health coaching-specific legal packages to choose from:

  1. New Health Coaching Package: This includes all the essentials a new health coach needs to protect their business, AND, 4 bonus agreements to help you take on the online world. 
  2. Complete Online Health Coaching Package: All the essentials and bonuses that are included in the New Health Coaching Package, with an added Community Membership Agreement. For those looking to create an online community to move beyond 1-on-1 coaching!
  3. Health Coach Online Course Package: Everything that’s included in the Complete Online Health Coaching Package, PLUS, an Online Course Agreement. For those going all out in the online world who plan on creating and selling online courses.

Law Is Fun also have many individual agreements to fill gaps in your legal coverage. You can find them all here. Use code PRIMAL for 10% off anything in their store.

How To Legally Protect Yourself as a Health Coach With These 4 Legal Agreements

All of the agreements below are included in the three health coaching packages mentioned above.

1. Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions

Your coaching journey involves handling personal information. The Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions establish clear guidelines for data protection, forming trust between you and your clients. It ensures you're compliant with privacy laws while demonstrating your commitment to professionalism. Every website in the world requires these agreements.

If you're based in the USA or Canada you can download the Law is Fun's Health Coach Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions packages here:

2. Waiver of Liability

In the world of health coaching, unexpected twists can arise. The Waiver of Liability acts as your legal armor, protecting you from potential claims stemming from client injuries or dissatisfaction. It's your safety net, allowing you to focus on guiding clients toward wellness without worrying about them suing you because of the advice you gave them.

3. Disclaimer

Communication is key in coaching. The Disclaimer document lays out the scope of your services, ensuring clients understand what you can – and can't provide. It sets the stage for a smooth coaching relationship, where both parties are on the same page.

4. Service Agreement

The Service Agreement solidifies your professional commitments. It outlines the specifics of your services, fees, and other critical details, ensuring a mutual understanding and a seamless working relationship.

These are four absolute essentials if you’re just getting started…but most of you are ALSO going to be diving into social media, affiliate marketing, and sharing testimonials. The below agreements are BONUSES that are included in all three above packages.

Affiliate Disclaimer

If you're engaged in affiliate marketing, the Affiliate Disclaimer adds an extra layer of transparency. It discloses any potential financial relationships, cementing your credibility and trustworthiness. It’s legally required if you’re going to be making a commission off of recommendations you make of other companies' products.

Social Media Disclaimer

Your online presence matters. The Social Media Disclaimer clarifies your role, preventing misconceptions about your content's purpose. This ensures that if someone follows the “advice” or education you put out on social media, you aren’t going to get in trouble.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Trust is the cornerstone of coaching. The Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures confidential discussions remain just that – confidential. It establishes a safe space, but is also used if you work with contractors or employees and want to keep your business workings private!

Media Release:

One of the most powerful ways to build new business and get coaching clients is to share testimonials. It’s a core part of most marketing plans! But if you haven’t had a Media Release signed, you won’t legally be able to use or post their testimonial! Make sure to have this signed so you can promote away!


The best way to avoid legal woes is to use health coaching-specific legal agreements. This will ensure your legal protection, so that you can pursue your dream career and build your coaching business stress-free. 

Save time with Law Is Fun's legal packages, so you can dedicate your energy to your true calling – guiding clients to their best, healthiest selves.

Give yourself the legal foundation you need to thrive and make a lasting impact in the world of wellness.

Learn more about Law Is Fun packages below, and save 10% with code PRIMAL:

OR, if you already have your essentials, check out Law Is Fun's Legal Store. It has a full suite of individual legal documents to help you fill gaps in your coverage!

Hiring contractors? You’ll need this.

Hiring employees? You’ll need this.

Running giveaways? Don’t launch without this.

Law is Fun agreements are affordable and written by a 5-star lawyer who has worked with over 1,000 wellness entrepreneurs in our industry. Their legal packages cover most of your health coaching legal requirements. But when you purchase their agreements, you are not getting personalized legal support. If you’re looking for tailored guidance on specific legal aspects of your business, we recommend Cory from Conscious Counsel. Check out Cory's Health Coach Radio episode here.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides general insights and should not be taken as legal advice. For tailored guidance, consult a qualified legal professional.  

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