Last Updated: May 15, 2021

Today we are interviewing Dr. Kim Foster on Health Coach Radio, and this episode will be of particular interest to health coaches who have the desire to work as part of collaborative, conventional, or functional medicine practice. Dr. Foster is a physician who saw that patients were not receiving the support they needed after their doctor’s visits to truly enact the changes needed to improve their health. The doctor-patient relationship is set up to be incredibly unrewarding for both the patient and the doctor. She saw that this needed to change and she recognized that health coaches were the conduit. She has developed a business supporting health coaches in developing tools and practices to help them work their way into becoming an integral part of medical practice. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Foster’s mission of making the world a healthier place and bridging the gap between conventional healthcare and health and wellness coaching, where the current healthcare model thrives and where it falls incredibly short, how to prepare your practice to receive referrals from medical practitioners and how to effectively approach those practitioners. Each year, having health coaches as part of an integrative medical team becomes more and more clear and this episode taps into that. What an exciting time to be a health coach!

Connect with Dr. Kim at:

Instagram: @drkimfoster

Sites, books, tools, software, etc. mentioned on the show:

Is Your Health Coaching Business Ready for Physician Referrals? (Quiz)

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