Last Updated: September 14, 2019

Today we welcome Annika McCann to Health Coach Radio. Annika is a registered nurse, certified herbalist, and certified Primal Health Coach. She works as an operating room nurse in a small Vermont hospital, but would prefer to spend all her time making hand-crafted CBD oils and rubs for her business, Primal Botanical. Annika is a wealth of knowledge regarding what CBD can do for both you and your clients. During this episode, Annika shares some of the highs, lows, and challenges of starting a product-based health business, and particularly some of the challenges that have come along with selling and marketing a cannabis product. We also discuss the benefits of CBD, how she envisions the future of the CBD industry, things to look for when choosing your CBD products, and much more.  If you have been curious about the health benefits of CBD, then you are going to love this episode.

Connect with Annika at:

Instagram: @primalbotanical
Facebook: Primal Botanical

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