Last Updated: September 07, 2019

Today we interview Ryan Carroll, a personal trainer out of St. Petersburg, FL who specializes in natural movement, kettlebell training, postural health, and nutritional therapies with an ancestral approach. Ryan applies these principles and more to facilitate ancestral immersion retreats for Paleo Magazine. Ryan’s story of how he got started facilitating retreats is very inspiring, and perfectly depicts the idea of going the extra mile (or hundreds) for your clients. During this episode, we discuss the stumbling blocks that Ryan faced during his first 8 years in business, what goes into planning an ancestral retreat, how he has taken his personal training online, and much more. If you’re looking to walk away dreaming of a relaxing, remote vacation while also being inspired by Ryan’s story, this is the episode for you.

Connect with Ryan at:

Instagram: @thegravitycollective
Retreats: paleomagazine.com/retreats

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