Last Updated: May 21, 2019

Can visualizing health help you achieve it? Rachel Barber believes so, and her many coaching clients would agree. Rachel has grown a successful and impactful business coaching her clients out of chronic illness using a blend of nutrition, lifestyle, and—especially—mindfulness and behaviour repatterining. Rachel teaches her clients to visualize their own actual healthy future, tapping into the feelings of being a healthy person, and has helped many, many people overcome the symptoms of long-term, sometime mysterious chronic illnesses by doing so. Rachel has taken a few bold steps to rather quickly build her formidable coaching business: 1) she embraced technology to help streamline and scale her offering, despite being a non-technical person; 2) she leveraged social media and a structured content calendar to get herself out there; and 3) she wasn’t afraid to invest in herself, hiring a business coach to help her crystallize her business plan. There is a ton to learn from this episode, so buckle up.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza
Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
Mike Dooley

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