Last Updated: November 16, 2019

Today we welcome Dr. Zach Long to Health Coach Radio. Zach is a Physical Therapist out of Charlotte, NC, who runs an industry-leading fitness website, The Barbell Physio, where he is a trusted resource to thousands of athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals across the United States and beyond. Zach also teaches for the Institute for Clinical Excellence in their Clinical Management of the Athlete division. In this episode, we discuss communicating to clients in a language they understand, recycling content for your online business, the biggest thing he sees missed with athletes in his practice, and how your vision should help drive the decisions you make in your business. We really learned a lot about what fitness, movement, and mobility coaches need to know to get their clients functioning well. If you are interested in the physical side of health coaching, this episode is for you!

Connect with Zach at:

Instagram: @thebarbellphysio
Facebook: The Barbell Physio

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