We love to hear how our program has changed the health of our students, and since completing her certification, Bess has been more active, eating better, and taking a more holistic approach to life. She shares all this with her clients, because, as Bess notes in her testimonial, “Primal Health Coach Institute does what other programs don’t…a really good job of getting you prepared for—once you know all the information—how to go out and give that to clients.”

Bess attributes her success to the like-minded tribe of primal health enthusiasts that make up our community, and to the program’s dedication to helping people get started, and instilling the belief that you have what it takes to run a lucrative business and help people live their healthiest lives.

But don’t take it from us. Watch Bess’s video to hear why she’d “absolutely recommend the Primal Health Coach Institute” in her own words.

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Tour our campus. Sneak a peek into all the Primal Health Coach Institute has to offer students and grads as we walk you through our program.

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  • What to expect and exactly how the program works
  • A built-in coaching program to use with clients
  • Marketing and business tools to start and run your business
  • What you have to look forward to on the other side of graduation