Last Updated: December 08, 2018

Former Elite Marathon Runner Peter Maher chats with our own Brad Kearns at Paleo (f)x about going from being a sugar and carb burner to finding new vitality in Primal living. He stumbled upon The Primal Blueprint and fell in love with the concept of Grok and ancestral living.

“At that time I was doing a lot of physical therapy and a lot of work rehabilitating athletes…and then this (the Primal lifestyle) just seemed to be the other part of the jigsaw puzzle that would bring these things together.”

Although the course challenged some of his personal beliefs, he approached it with an open mind, and as he started to get into it more, fell passionately in love with a lifestyle that made him feel enormously better. Today he has a substantial amount of clients via his practice Maher Sports Therapy in Cork, Ireland, and is working in a field he’s passionate about, which he says is easy due to the authenticity of the work he does.

Watch Peter’s video to learn more about his journey, his fascinating work with infrared saunas and hydrotherapy, and hear some of his informed insights on the future and potential of Primal/paleo and keto living.

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