Last Updated: December 14, 2017

The Primal Baker, Ana Gonzalez, shared her journey from sugary pastry chef to paleo/primal fit chef extraordinaire at our Primal Health Coach Los Angeles Mastermind Meetup.

Her journey starts like that of many—overweight and suffering from chronic pain, she reached out to a health coach friend who turned her onto paleo, and her life transformed within a manner of days.

With a strong moral compass, it became clear to Ana that she couldn’t continue to feed her clients cookies full of sugar while she herself wouldn’t touch the stuff.

Watch her video and prepare to be inspired. She totally reinvented her business, branching out into primal meal prep, and it’s grown beyond belief!

It’s amazing when the stars align with your passion, but we’re finding it happens quite frequently with our Primal Health Coaches, and Ana is a prime example.

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