At the age of 21, Dean Brennan received an ulcerative colitis diagnosis with the news that he would likely be on medication for the rest of his life. And so began his health quest. First up, eating whole foods, and next was finding the foundation for healthy living. Primal Health Coach principles were a natural fit, as was our health coaching certification program.

Dean’s initial motivator for signing up for the course was his personal edification to help himself, friends, and family live healthier lives. As part of the natural progression of the training, Dean has expanded his coaching practice to help health seekers across greater Austin, Texas.

“One great thing about the Primal Health Coach program is that they give you a business framework, which differentiates them from other health coaching companies.”

Watch the video above to learn how Dean implemented our ready-made coaching program for immediate use with clients, his thoughts on the Primal Health Coach community and the worldwide relationships he’s made, and advice on whether or not our health coaching program is right for you.

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