When Mark Sisson and Aaron Fox formed the first ancestral health coaching school back in 2014, they had a mission to create a global network of expertly trained health coaches not only skilled in Primal health, but also in proven coaching and business-building techniques. Their goal was to help 100 million people who were needlessly suffering reclaim their health and wellness through education and coaching.

Today, thousands of you who have graduated from Primal Health Coach Institute’s certification course are making a huge impact on the world—and thousands more aspiring health entrepreneurs are on the verge of turning their passion for ancestral health into a career they love.

Over the years, we’ve been actively improving and updating the already robust course, adding new chapters on coaching, marketing, onboarding, and scaling your business, plus an ever-growing collection of webinars, and valuable resources for students and grads.

And 2019 was no exception. This year, there are more updates than ever before, giving prospective health coaches and PHCI grads a strong competitive edge in the ever-growing health coaching industry.

Enroll in the Primal Health Coach Institute today and be one of the first to take advantage of these course updates, including:

A Fresh Look, Feel, and Sound

The course itself has received a huge makeover. We’ve listened closely to student and graduate feedback and divided some of our larger curriculum pieces into smaller, more digestible sections. The course player has a fresh look too, with more white space, making it easier on the eyes while you’re reading. For those who prefer to learn by listening, there’s also an accompanying audio file for each chapter of the course.

New Introductory Lesson—Why Primal?

If you’ve ever had to explain the benefits of working with a Primal Health Coach, or you’re not sure what makes a Primal Health Coach stand out, this new section is for you. At the beginning of the curriculum you’ll see a lesson that dives into the Primal approach to diet, movement, and lifestyle. It’s the foundation of our health coaching school, and can help improve your clients’ lives in a unique and transformative way.

Tasks to Help You Get Out There

One of the most common questions we get at Primal Health Coach Institute is: How do I find clients? In this new business-building task, we teach you the fundamentals of content marketing so you can begin to craft messages that consistently reach and resonate with your ideal client. It’s all designed to get you comfortable with stepping into your true calling, and letting the world see you as the expert health coach you’ll soon be.

A Deeper Dive Into Coaching

Where other health coaching programs focus exclusively on nutrition and lifestyle, one of the key differentiators of Primal Health Coach Institute is our in-depth coaching chapters. With our latest update, we’ve added sections on different coaching theories including Motivational Interviewing, the Transtheoretical Model, Self-Determination Theory, and Social Cognitive Theory, plus valuable information about the Illness-Wellness Continuum—a paradigm that suggests your clients are either on their way to developing disease or developing optimal health.

Practical, Hands-on Curriculum

Getting hands-on experience is a big part of what will make you a successful health coach. That’s why we’ve introduced three new coaching practicum assignments you must submit for a pass/fail grade in order to complete the Primal Health Coach Institute program. Within these assignments, you’ll be tasked with:

  • Reframing Imposter Syndrome—crafting new language to replace the limiting beliefs about your coaching abilities that may be rolling around in your head.
  • Having a Peer-to-Peer Coaching Role-Play Session—you’ll take turns playing the role of coach, client, and neutral observer. One of the best ways to get experience as a coach.
  • Answering Real Life FAQs—you’ll be challenged to answer some of the most frequently shared concerns from health coaching clients in different case studies.

Business Development Projects

Last year we added 12 new business building tasks to get you thinking about your health coaching practice right from the start. This year, three brand new chapters (Programming, Marketing, and Sales & Enrollment) have been added to the end of the course, each with a business development project that lets you hit the ground running as soon as you graduate. You’ll craft your signature coaching program, establish a 90-day marketing strategy, and architect your very own sales and enrollment script allowing you to sign clients on without hesitation!

A Comprehensive Final Exam

To prepare you for life as a Primal Health Coach, the course culminates with an 84-question final exam, which tests your knowledge about Primal principles, nutrition science, lifestyle, exercise, scope of practice, coaching mastery, and business development. You’ll need to score 75% or better in order to pass and earn your Primal Health Coach Institute certificate.

Real Life Coaching Demos

Brand new to the curriculum is a full 12-week coaching demo, where you’ll observe a real Primal Health Coaching relationship in action from start to finish, including all intake and check-in forms, and audio recordings of all coaching calls. Led by veteran PHC, Erin Power, this content will help you fully understand what specific questions your coaching clients might ask during a session, as well as enable you to envision how to strategically navigate a client through 12 weeks of lifestyle changes.

In Summary…

Primal Health Coach Institute is the first and preeminent ancestral health coaching program out there, and with our newest updates—it’s now even better. If you’ve been thinking about turning your interest in ancestral health into a career you’re passionate about, learn more about becoming a certified Primal Health Coach, and join the thousands of others who are helping people reclaim their health and wellness around the world.

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