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Think for a minute: what brought you to this site today? What questions did you have? And what’s piqued your interest in checking out the program? Are the wheels turning as you let yourself wonder what might be possible here?

People come to the health coaching profession with a wide variety of motivations. These inspirations, however, become an initial foothold for discovering the broader, exciting opportunities of the field as well as the lesser anticipated benefits of building a Primal Health Coaching business.

1. You’re passionate about health and wellness.

Each day you live the commitment. You can’t imagine a life unenriched by the possibilities genuine health and vitality afford you. You’re an advocate for healthy living, and you pride yourself on being informed as well as creative in your good choices. You’re someone who pushes him/herself to learn more, try more, and commit more.

You have the dedication that can inspire your clients. Your natural curiosity and fervor will infuse your coaching with an energy your clients will know is genuine and personal.

2. You’re ready to turn your passion into a career.

You’ve invested in your health. You’ve amassed expertise, and yet you continue to pursue more because it’s your passion. Perhaps friends and family already seek you out for advice, training or motivation. You’ve toyed with the idea of putting your knowledge to professional use, and now that vision feels more enticing than ever.

Whether you’re interested in designing a lucrative side job or redirecting your career path entirely, becoming a Primal Health Coach will allow you to manifest that vision by offering not just intensive wellness instruction but practical guidance in setting up your coaching business. You’ll also benefit from the ongoing resources and community opportunities that come with the program.

3. You find fulfillment in helping other people.

With your talents, values and personality, you can’t imagine not being able to directly help people in your chosen profession. You enjoy relationship building in your work, and you love offering one-on-one support. Coaching feels like a natural extension of who you are and how you operate.

What better job could there be in assisting people envision a greater, healthier future for themselves? You have the understanding and presence to motivate your clients, to guide their journeys, and to help them rewrite their stories. As a Primal Health Coach, you’ll be there as clients reclaim their well-being with your assistance, education, and encouragement spurring them on.

4. You’d love to design your own career in the wellness field.

Perhaps you’re already in the health and wellness field, or you’ve longed to make a professional move in that direction. Either way, you’ve been drawn to the idea of forging your own path to offer the services that reflect your talents and an approach that matches your values.

Becoming a Primal Health Coach means you’ll learn the essential tools for developing or honing a wellness coaching career of your choice and for starting a personal coaching business. With the certification’s holistic perspective, you’ll be able to offer adaptable mind-body coaching support for optimum health and greater well-being.

5. You want to join an in-demand profession with huge growth potential.

With the explosion of health care needs and the limited time resources of primary physicians, health coaches are more necessary than ever. In 2015, health and wellness coaching was the top emerging trend according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s ninth annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

6. You want to be your own boss.

Let’s face it. Not everyone thrives in a corporate setting. As a Primal Health Coach, you have the opportunity to work for yourself either in a fully private practice or as an independent contractor in a collaborative circle of providers through venues like wellness centers, gyms, and clinics. Either way, you’ll enjoy the autonomy of self-management.

7. You want the flexibility of working from home.

For those who want to work from home, health coaching is a great career. You’ll have the choice to travel for in-person sessions and the option of conducting other sessions and follow-ups virtually by phone or video via Skype, FaceTime or similar services.

8. You want to enhance your existing credentials, skills and specialties in the wellness field.

Perhaps you’ve been in the health care, personal training, nutrition, wellness, or life coaching field for some time. You’ve developed your practice and grown your business. However, you’re interested in pushing yourself further, moving into new territory, claiming new ground in your field. You’re interested in the model of the Primal Blueprint—how it can expand your existing expertise and what it can do for your patients and clients.

Becoming a Primal Health Coach means learning and applying cutting edge, holistic understanding of epigenetic science, hormonal balance, fitness research, nutrition principles, and lifestyle inputs. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to serve your patients’ and clients’ diverse needs. You’ll also be an innovative agent in the health and wellness field.

9. You’re an ancestral health diehard who wants to learn (and coach) with a community of like-minded professionals.

You’ve personally experienced the effects of living Primal, and you can’t imagine coaching from any other philosophy. You’ve long understood and trusted the evolutionary blueprint for optimum living in your own life, and now you’d like to gain the specialized knowledge to transfer that foundation to your own health care or life coaching practice.

The Primal Health Coach program offers you the chance to align your professional mission with one of the leading, most respected and well-known companies in ancestral health. You’ll not only benefit from the top-notch educational experience. You’ll also appreciate joining a professional movement of like-minded paleo/Primal wellness advocates that together hold the potential to shift the greater health consciousness.

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