It may seem like a pipe dream at first. You’re thinking, “Me? A health coach?” You wish someone would just give you a sign from above, pointing you, undoubtedly, to your calling. We all go through this trepidatious contemplation stage at first, wondering if the change we’re considering is even worth considering.

If you’ve been wondering how you’ll know if you’re meant to be a health coach, then you’re reading the right article. Some of these will make you smirk, and many will make you feel seen and heard. By the time you read the bullet points at the end of this list—which I think is the best part—you’ll have more confidence in your decision to take action and pursue your dreams.

Here are 25 signs that you’re meant to be a health coach:

    1. You enjoy learning about health and wellness so much that it takes up heaps of your free time.
    2. You’re beginning to annoy your partner or best friend with your newfound healthy morals and idiosyncrasies.
    3. You’re especially compassionate and take interest in understanding what it’s like in someone else’s shoes.
    4. Your Netflix watch list is dominated by shows like (Un)Well and The Goop Lab, plus documentaries like Human Nature and Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru.
    5. Your idea of a good time might consist of a couple hours browsing the aisles at a new health-food store in town.
    6. You like supporting others or cheering them on in their pursuits and successes.
    7. If a stranger browsed the accounts you follow on social media, they’d think you’re already a health coach.
    8. Topics like psychology and mental wellness pique your interest.
    9. You enjoy helping people on a personal level.
    10. Your bookshelf is overrun by publications in the health, nutrition, and self-optimization genres.
    11. You believe health is something that’s attainable for all.
    12. You have a personal health story that changed your life.
    13. People come to you for advice like, What kind of workouts do you do? What are your thoughts on the Keto diet?
    14. You use wearable tech or a fitness tracker to gather valuable data and insights that help you reach your wellness goals.
    15. You’ve hired a coach, a therapist, or a personal trainer before, and you found the experience quite inspiring.
    16. You’re curious. You have a growth-mindset, and love learning new things.
    17. Your recent searches for clean skincare products and household cleaners left you feeling frustrated, so you started making your own products with ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils.
    18. You value accountability in your life and believe it’s a key strategy for personal growth.
    19. The thought of attending a health symposium—such as Paleo f(x) or The Longevity Now Conference—excites you as much as a trip to the Bahamas.
    20. Your friends and family are surprised by how much you know about healthy eating.
    21. Your Amazon wish list includes things like blue-light blocking glasses, vibrating foam rollers, topical magnesium, and glass food storage containers.
    22. You value relationships and social connections.
    23. The thought of becoming a health coach feels somewhat intimidating or unfeasible because the fearful voice in your head says things like, “Who are you to give people health advice?” Or, “A career change is too risky. Stay put.”
    24. Many people you interact with would say that you’ve been a positive influence in their lives.
    25. Your idea of a perfect day might look something like this:
    • Rise and shine with the sunrise and morning meditation.
    • Enjoy the outdoors with a hike, sprint, or yoga flow.
    • Break-your-fast with a butter coffee or home-cooked meal.
    • Listen to an episode of your favorite wellness podcast while you take an invigorating cold shower.
    • Sit down for a brainstorming session to capture your ideas for a new social media post or your dream goals.
    • Visit a farmer’s market to meet your food growers and cook what’s in season.
    • Stop to read a nutrition book under a shadowy maple tree (or a beach if you’re so lucky as to live near one).
    • Meet up with a loved one for a challenging kettlebell sweat session.
    • Enjoy a 30-minute infrared sauna sitting.
    • Cook up an organic, farm-fresh meal that screams “seasonal.” Then, share it with others as you engage in meaningful conversation and drink kombucha or biodynamic wine.
    • Wrap up the evening by gathering around the fire.

See. You’re in good company. If you’re still itching for more, check out this list: 7 qualities of a great health coach.

We know what it’s like to be at this aspirational, day-dreamy stage. It feels good to explore your passions and help others, and you deserve to experience that more regularly.

Welcome to the beginning of your next chapter.

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