Last Updated: June 01, 2019

Our new Day in the Life series gives you a sneak peek into the lives of some of our graduates here at the Primal Health Coach Institute. If you caught our first post a few months ago, you met Adan Rios, who puts his ancestral health knowledge and coaching skills to work for Virta Health in Denver, Colorado.

In this series, we usually highlight what a typical day looks like. But how about health coaches who tackle different aspects of their business throughout the week, working with clients on certain days, and doing things like creating social content on others?

According to this article, people who group tasks into themed days tend to be more focused, more productive, and are better at prioritizing. Do you organize your time like this? If so, you’re already ahead of the game. And you’re in good company.

Today we’re introducing you to Rachel Barber, a Primal Health Coach who helps chronically ill women heal through shifts in mindset, energy and beliefs—and works on specific aspects of her business on specific days of the week.

Here’s what a week in her life looks like…

Monday & Tuesday: Rachel dedicates these two days to seeing clients, which she does 100% online through Zoom video conferencing. She says coaching is her favorite part of her business, so she doesn’t mind the long, busy days that usually start at 11am and go ‘til about 7pm.

If you’ve met Rachel in real life (or on one of her video calls), you know she’s a firm believer in positivity. She starts every morning by setting an intention for the day, based on whatever she needs to accomplish. On client days, her intention might be I will remain focused and at peace today. I will be present with my clients. Or I will speak the words my clients need to hear.

As her business has evolved, so has the way she works with clients. Rachel recently switched from group coaching and one-on-one sessions to exclusively working with groups, which she finds the most fun.

Wednesday: Mid-week is for business-related items—things like answering emails, accounting tasks, organizing her laptop or phone, and replying to questions from her group clients. Rachel is dedicated to her followers, so she makes time every day to respond to social media comments and messages. She also frequents Facebook groups relevant to her niche to give advice, which helps spread the word about what she does, how she can help, and of course, how awesome she is.

On the rare occasion Rachel’s all caught up on work responsibilities, she’ll take the day off to hang out with her husband, who by the way, works for Rachel. The two recently moved into an RV and are traveling the country for the next few years. You’ll likely find them hiking, exploring caves, and checking out their new surroundings.

Thursday: Rachel spends Thursdays writing content for her social media channels, including her Instagram page and Facebook group. She likes to create content for the whole week so she’s not scrambling to come up with posts at the last minute.

Thursdays are also spent filming videos, preparing for the next launch of her Total Healing program, recording podcast interviews, and creating email sequences and content plans.

If her days sounds busy, that’s because they are. But she still makes time for regular workouts. Rachel does an hour-long yoga session most mornings and winds down with 60 minutes of walking at night. And if she needs a break during the day, she might take a stroll outside, talk with her husband, or just mediate for a few minutes to refocus.

Friday-Sunday: A typical work week for Rachel is anywhere from 4-6 days, and on these days, she crosses off any outstanding tasks on her to-do list, spending time educating herself so she can continue bringing new information to her clients.

Rachel is all about mindset, how the brain works, and how that impacts health. She’s a big fan of books by Joe Dispenza, but says that a lot of what she learns comes from inside through self-experimentation and insights she receives while meditating.

Speaking of meditation, Rachel knows that it’s non-negotiable for her. She spends 1-2 hours every night on her practice, working on gratitude and visualizing what she wants for her future, both personally and professionally. She adds that doing this regularly keeps her sane and connected to her purpose.

What’s coming up for Rachel?

Enrollment for her Total Healing program opens up again in May, so over the next few months she’ll be busy promoting it online, taking sales calls, and working with new clients who are ready to heal. You can catch Rachel on the Realness Wellness podcast, on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and in whatever town she and her husband pull into next.

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