Got a ton on your to-do list this time of year? From gearing up for post-holiday challenges to constantly creating new content, growing your health coaching business can feel downright overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing a pro tip that seasoned health coaches, marketers, and solopreneurs alike use to reach more clients without doing more work.

It’s All About Repurposing Your Content

Taking content that you’ve created for your blog, Instagram stories, email campaign, and webinars (just to name a few), and using it on other platforms is called repurposing content. And it’s important for two reasons:

  1. Creating new content takes time: Say you spend 6 hours writing a blog post. Then another 3 hours creating your weekly social media content. Then another hour emailing your subscribers. Not to mention all the time that goes into planning a webinar or online challenge. It adds up fast, and doesn’t even include responding to followers and nurturing leads.
  2. Most people won’t see your content: Because of social media’s ever-changing algorithms, up to 90% of your audience might never see what you post. And thanks to our super short attention spans as humans, nearly 50% of people who come to your blog are just skimming it.

In fact, in a recent post here on the Primal Health Coach Institute blog, our own Erin Power shared that her best advice when it comes to content is, “don’t reinvent the wheel; use your content in multiple places,” saying that she regularly repurposes rants from the week and references previous blog posts in her social media and email marketing campaigns.

Repurposing content isn’t just copying and pasting from one platform to the next, though. It’s about taking what you’ve already created and adapting it to be used in other places. If you’ve got stats on which content performed better than others, even better. Here are a few examples to show you what repurposing content looks like.

Blog Posts => Freebies

Think about all the blog posts you’ve written, sharing your expertise in things like surviving the holidays without sugar, or cold weather workouts you can do from home, or swapping processed side dishes for the grain-free versions. Consider turning one of those blog posts into a freebie for your email marketing campaign.

It’s obviously a topic tailored to your niche—and one they’ll be interested in learning more about, so take advantage of the time you already spent crafting your blog post and transform it into a downloadable guide, cheatsheet, or ebook. You don’t have to be a design pro to make awesome-looking graphics, either. Check out our recommendations for some of the best online design tools.

Social Media Posts => Email Newsletters

Depending on which platforms you prefer, you could be posting to social media up to 14 times a week (more if you’re on Twitter). All the content you post to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages can be repurposed in your email newsletter. Again, why reinvent the wheel?

You might have weeks’ worth of healthy food pics on your Instagram page. What if you curated your recipes and sent them to your weekly subscribers? Or if you’ve made a video demonstrating primal movements for Facebook, put that in your email and use your FB caption to influence what you write to tee it up.

Discovery Calls => Marketing Materials

This one is so important we actually wrote a whole blog post about it. Not only are discovery calls great for understanding your prospective clients’ struggles and goals, they can fuel your marketing copy (that’s anything you write for your website, blog, social media posts, emails, and flyers).

Maybe your niche is overstressed working moms, and you hear a client say, “I feel like I’m dragging a cinder blog around with me all day,” or like Primal Health Coach Rachel Barber, your clients regularly tell you they have a deep down belief they need to be fixed. Write down the words and phrases you hear and repurpose them as headlines, captions, and body copy to save time and attract more clients.

Facebook Lives => Evergreen Videos

If live videos are your thing, think about the other ways you can use them to engage with your niche. Say you’re a health coach specializing in intermittent fasting and you’re doing a Facebook Live about how to get started. That video would be perfect for your website’s home page. Or your YouTube channel. Or edited down into shorter clips to use on your social media pages.

When you consider all the time that goes into creating videos (and the valuable content you’re providing), you owe it to yourself and your clients to post them in multiple places.

Blog Posts => Podcasts

Another smart way to repurpose your content is to turn blog posts into podcasts—especially if you’ve got a post that performed particularly well. According to this article, 90 million people listen to podcasts monthly, and habitual fans tune in seven times a week. So, while you’re reaching a certain slice of your niche with your blog, you can capture even more leads by turning it into a podcast.

It’s easier than you’d think, too. Just take the content from your post and script it out in a slightly more conversational way. Then record it on an all-in-one platform like Anchor, which lets you create, distribute, and even monetize your podcast from anywhere.

You can also do the opposite and turn a high-performing podcast into a post, or repurpose your post or podcast as a free talk to attract more clients at your local gym, yoga studio, or co-op.

A Recap on Repurposing Content

If it feels like coming up with new content has become a full-time job, repurposing it can be a huge time-saver. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you post something, plus it helps you reach more clients and strengthens your brand as a health coach. How will you make the most of content you’ve already created? Use the ideas in this post to get started, then brainstorm your own.

  • Blog Posts to Freebies
  • Social Media Posts to Email Newsletters
  • Discovery Calls to Marketing Materials
  • Facebook Lives to Evergreen Videos
  • Blog Posts to Podcasts

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