Health coaches are in higher demand than ever before.

Wellness clinics, health clubs and private practices are all offering health coaching services.

Health coaching is on the rise and this rapidly growing industry is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Many gyms, fitness clubs and CrossFit boxes are offering nutrition and lifestyle advice as additional services to their members.

Why you may ask?

Gym owners are realizing that optimal health and well-being cannot be achieved through exercise alone.

The Primal Health Coach License

Are you a gym owner looking for a new strategy to boost client retention?

Maybe you’re looking for a new revenue stream for your gym?

Or perhaps you’re seeking to offer a more holistic service to your members?

Primal Health coaching could be the missing piece in your gym’s arsenal.

The Primal Heath Coach program is like no other health coaching program in the world. It was founded on ancestral health principles, driven by decades of scientifically validated research.

Primal Health Coaching helps people to create lives of vitality and lasting wellness.

The Primal Health Coach program teaches you how to:

  • Provide nutritional guidance
  • Produce customized exercise programs
  • Implement stress reduction techniques
  • Incorporate evolutionary lifestyle practices
  • Provide personalized, adaptable and holistic mind-body health plans for your clients

We are pleased to announce that the Primal Health Coach is launching an exciting new licensing opportunity to gym owners.

A Primal Health Coach license is jammed packed with bonuses, including:

  • Special pricing on Primal Health Coach certifications for your staff
  • The use of the Primal Health Coach logos and marks
  • Access to the extensive Primal Health Coach programming material that even includes a ready-made 12-week health coaching program that you can use in your gym from day one

Read on to learn the top 8 reasons why you should add health coaching to your gym.

1. Generate New Sources of Revenue

Health coaching offers huge potential as a new source of revenue in gyms.

With more and more people looking for a holistic approach to health and fitness, health coaching has the potential to attract people that may not be looking for traditional gym services.

It’s a great way to get their foot in your door.

Like fitness programs, health coaching doesn’t have to fit into a one size fits all model.

Health coaching can be offered as one-on-one coaching, small group coaching or even as a paid workshop at a community event. Selling health coaching resources and products can also generate additional revenue.

Health coaching can be offered as a stand-alone service, or it can be bundled in with your existing gym programs.

Health coaching offers huge potential to generate multiple revenue streams for your gym.

2. Get Your Clients Better Results

As fitness professionals we know that exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to achieving the best results for our clients.

Turning your members into fat-burning beasts will get your clients better results.

Your clients will be able to fuel their tough workouts using stored body fat, which will see them smashing new personal bests and shedding pounds with ease.

Proper nutrition will also help your clients recover faster, allowing them to upgrade their membership to fit in more sessions per week.

3. Retain Clients for Longer Periods of Time

Health and fitness professionals alike understand the importance of client retention. It is easier and more cost effective to keep a client long-term than to attract and secure new ones.

Keeping our clients happy and motivated is key to client retention.

The most effective strategy for keeping your clients happy is to make sure they’re seeing the fruits of their effort.

The truth is, clients who see results are more likely to stick around.

Health coaching will help your clients achieve their health and fitness goals, and a happy client is going to stay around for longer. It’s that simple.

4. Build a Sense of Community

Happy gym members are going to make for a happy gym community.

Implementing a community-minded health program that your members can enroll in, such as the Primal Blueprint’s 21 Day Total Body Transformation will go a long way towards building a strong sense of camaraderie within your gym members.

Members will have more common ground, allowing them to interact more outside of the gym, sharing recipes and health results and motivating each other.

Having that sense of community will help reinforce the healthy habits required for sustainable lifestyle change.

5. Stay Ahead of the Curve

The health and wellness industry is currently one of the fastest growing, most resilient markets globally.

Whilst the alignment of the health and fitness industries isn’t new, the integration of health coaching into the fitness industry is still in its infancy, and this collaboration is gaining momentum.

Getting in at the grassroots of the health coaching/fitness industry alignment will allow you to offer a service that most other gyms in your local area are yet to offer.

Be the trendsetter and set the example that other gyms will model; you don’t want to be the last gym to the health coaching party!

6. Distinguish Yourself from Other Gyms

The Primal Health Coach program is the only ancestral health coaching program available in the world.

Stand out amongst the rest of the gyms in your local area by offering the unique and proven methodologies that only Primal Health Coaching can provide.

Get in now to claim your market share of gym-based health coaching before the competing gym next door does.

7. Broaden Your Knowledge by Adding a Complementary Skill Set

Up-skilling is an absolute must in both the health and fitness worlds.

The Primal Health Coach credential is a sure way to broaden your knowledge base and strengthen your fitness professional skill set. It will also help you stay relevant in the ever-changing field of health and fitness.

8. Boost Your Referral Rate

Nearly everyone joins a gym to feel better about themselves, and it’s our job as gym owners to do everything in our power to make this happen.

Help your members feel amazing about themselves by helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Maybe your client wants to improve their body composition, or get their pre-baby body back, or they may want to set a new personal best in the weight room.

No matter their goal, if you help them achieve it, your client is going to feel amazing and they’re going to let everyone know about it.

Your client will share their success and happiness with their friends, family and work colleagues, and most importantly, they are going to sing your praises when doing so.

What comes next? A referral.

Offering a more holistic service that encompasses all aspects of a clients’ life including their nutrition, their stress levels as well as their fitness, will go a long way towards boosting their success and your referral rate.

Here we’ve listed 8 reasons why you should add health coaching to your gym services, and the Primal Health Coach license has made it even easier for gyms to offer a health coaching service. 

For more information about the Primal Health Coach program subscribe below today.

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