There’s no better way to get your name out there and build your health coaching business than by creating helpful and strategic video content.

Videos can be long or short, easy and unedited, or fancy and impressive! As long as your videos help viewers get to know you better—and your content speaks to the needs and curiosities of your ideal client—then you’re on the fast track to help more people who need you.

What’s your favorite social media platform? Which platform is your ideal client most engaged with? Hint: Choose one social media platform to focus on at first.

Use our list of 37 video ideas to grow your audience and make an impact as a health coach. Ready, set, record!


Instagram Feed

  1. Tell Your Story: Introduce yourself, at least once a year, letting followers in on the start of your health coach journey, or share a recent health struggle that you’ve overcome.
  2. Myth Busting: Record yourself busting a common myth or misconception in your niche, and add captions to your video using a free service like Headliner.
  3. Host a Giveaway: Record yourself explaining the giveaway prize and how to enter. Then, upload an image or two to turn this into a carousel post.
  4. Grocery Shopping: Have some quick tips or favorite products to share while you’re at the grocery store? Your audience would love to hear your tips and see you in your day-to-day life.
  5. Podcast Audiogram or Videogram: Using tools like Headliner or Repurpose, you can turn your audio podcast episodes into visually-engaging video posts.
  6. 1-Minute Teaser Clips: Share a clip from your latest YouTube video, Facebook Live, or Webinar; and lead viewers over to the main piece of content with a clear call-to-action.
  7. Turn Blog Posts into Videos: Use a service like Lumen5 to instantly turn your blog posts into an A.I.-generated video with images, music, and text overlays for PR-quality visuals.

Instagram Stories

  1. Walking, Talking (Controlled) Rants or Random Thoughts: Sometimes we get our best ideas when we’re walking, and our followers love a good walking-talking IG story.
  2. Semi-Serious Topic + Fun Filter: Lighten up an otherwise bummer-of-a-topic with a witty filter on your IG Stories. Example: most cosmetics are filled with nasty chemicals, so why not point out which chemicals to avoid while sporting the “NOPE” filter—which makes it look as though you wrote the word “No” all over your face (filter by @aylishkin).
  3. Poll Sticker + Expert Opinion: Record yourself holding up two competing-but-similar products (like protein bars from different brands) and use the “Poll” sticker to ask your followers which one they’d choose. Then, post a video of you sharing your expert choice and opinion.
  4. 5-Day Series or Theme: Choose a parent topic and break it down into subtopics. Assign yourself one subtopic per day of the week and create daily IG Stories to dive in. Here’s an example flow:
    – Parent Topic: Meal Prepping.
    – Sub-Topics: Monday is The Meal Planning Phase, Tuesday is Shopping for Ingredients, Wednesday is Prepping and Chopping, Thursday is Food-Budget Tips, Friday is all about Cooking.

IGTV or Instagram Live 

  1. Share Your Thoughts on a Trending Topic: Leverage trending headlines and niche-industry news (like the upcoming release of The Sacred Cow) with IGTV or by going Live. Use hashtags and/or tag the source to help reach new followers on the hot topic.
  2. Unboxing Video: Do you subscribe to Butcher Box or a local CSA? Did you just return from the Farmer’s Market, or receive a new biohacking gadget in the mail? Your followers would love a peek inside!
  3. FAQs: Answer questions about common stumbling blocks that people face in your niche. Come prepared with plenty of your own questions, and invite live questions, too.
  4. Pantry Purge or Pantry Showcase: These posts do extremely well! Take viewers through your own grain-free pantry, or take them along as you help someone else with a pantry purge.
  5. How-To’s and Tutorials: This is as easy as capturing a screen recording while you explain how to use your favorite nutrition tracking app. Get creative with more ideas—like a video tutorial on how to freeze food in mason jars without cracking the glass.
  6. Interview Someone Live: Interview another expert on your IG Live. Already have a podcast? Ask your guest to hop on IG for a quick recap or teaser that leads them to the full episode.
  7. Live Client Testimonial: Do you have a happy client who’s ready to share her success with the world? Invite them on to share their before-and-after experience from working with you as their coach.

Instagram Reels and TikTok

  1. Before-and-After Meals: Show followers a display of your fresh ingredients and the prepped version in a snap…then magically turn it into the finished dish for an inspiring before and after.
  2. Full Recipe Videos: Jump from step to step as you cook a recipe from beginning to end, using text overlays to emphasize ingredients or instructions, and video-editing features like increased speed. Voila!
  3. Top 10 List: Lists do really well on Reels and TikTok. Use music and hand motions to create the illusion that list items are appearing with your hand, like a magic wand.
  4. Exercise Videos: Record the steps of your favorite circuit or at-home exercise sequence, and use the editing features to make it easy to grasp and fun to watch.
  5. Real You vs Selfie You: Viewers love nothing more than seeing authentic posts from someone they admire. Idea: compare a video of yourself with 6-pack abs (selfie you) to a video of your “food baby” (real you) after dinner.
  6. Compare Proper vs. Improper Form: Demonstrate a mobility exercise with the most common ways people fall into improper form, and finish your video by showcasing perfect form.
  7. Play on Lyrics: Use a trending song, like Chris Brown’s “Go Crazy,” and capture a video as you bite into your freshly-baked Primal fudge brownies.

Facebook Live

  1. Common Mistakes: Go live to share the most common mistakes you see your ideal client making, and then share at least one valuable solution at the end.
  2. Your Recent Struggle: Viewers love when we show our vulnerable side, so next time you face a particular struggle with your health or habits, go live to share how you are tackling it (or how you overcame it).
  3. A Piece of Your Lead Magnet: Attract viewers to your email list by diving into one concept or part of your lead magnet content. At the end, invite them to learn more once they download your freebie.
  4. 15-Minute Dinner: Are you a whizz at getting dinner on the table in a flash, even when there’s no plan of action? Take your audience with you, live, as you make a quick dinner out of random fridge and pantry items.
  5. Niche Topic FAQs: As you gain experience coaching in your niche, you become increasingly familiar with the most frequently asked questions. Share those in a live video to help establish yourself as an expert.


  1. Your Morning Routine: Videos like this do well on any YouTube channel, so why not create a video explaining your morning routine? Bonus points for visuals and clips that show you doing each activity.
  2. What I Eat in a Day: People want to know what a Primal Health Coach eats in a day, so you can’t go wrong with a video like this (on any channel!).
  3. Comparison Video: What’s the difference between these 2 diets, or 2 similar perspectives in your niche? Simplify these confusing topics, and viewers will turn into fans and future clients.
  4. Dispute a Trending Video: Is there a popular YouTube video that conflicts entirely with what you believe? Leverage that video’s reach by creating a “Why X Doesn’t Work” video—that plays on the original video title—and state your opposing POV.
  5. Repurpose Top-Performing Instagram Stories: Do you have a series of IG Stories that you put a lot of work into creating (see #11 above for a prime example)? Combine those clips with help from an editing app, like Videoshop, and turn it into a YouTube video.
  6. Primal Grocery Store Trip: YouTube viewers are especially attracted to big-name stores like Costco, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, etc….take people on an educational journey as you point out your favorite foods or teach them which to avoid.
  7. Live Interview with a Fellow Expert: Is there someone in a complimentary niche who you can interview on YouTube Live? It’s like a pop-up video podcast, and your viewers will love it!

Is your head swimming with new ideas? Carve out a weekly 4-hour timeslot to batch, plan, and record your video content for the week, and start posting. You don’t have to be ready, you just have to go for it!

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