The health coaching industry has experienced a near 40% increase in growth over the last few years, and there’s no indication that this growth is going to slow down.

We’re living longer, and many people, especially women, are becoming more aware that optimal health and disease prevention can be achieved by implementing healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Having a cool and catchy health coaching business name is a great way to stand out amongst the other health services advertised online and in your local area. Your health coaching business name should provide insight into what your passions are and what drives you and your health coaching services.

Here’s a list of existing clever health, wellness and fitness business and website names which we’ve categorized for easy browsing. You can use this list to help you create your very own health coaching business name idea.

7 Business names that incorporate their own name:

  1. Arthur Health
  2. Rocofit
  3. Sarah’s Touch of Health
  4. WaHa
  5. Rariden Life
  6. Club Rocky’s
  7. Living Well with Rebecca

35 Primal/Paleo business names:

  1. A Primal Diner
  2. Girl Goes Primal Primal Ways
  3. Primal Example Rx
  4. Primal Primalbecks
  5. Primal Health Quest
  6. Primal Boston
  7. Primal Health Canada
  8. Primal Halsa
  9. Living Proof Paleo
  10. Go the Primal Way
  11. The Cavewoman Diva
  12. Primal Mum
  13. Primal Truth
  14. Lifestyle Design Paleo
  15. Plan Eat Train Paleo
  16. Caveman Muscle
  17. Discovering Paleo
  18. Primal Living
  19. Primal Alternative
  20. Primal Coaching Dallas
  21. Upgraded Paleo NYC
  22. The Primal Nurse
  23. 180 Paleo
  24. Shawn Patton Primal Health Coach
  25. The Primal Force
  26. PrimalRo
  27. The Primal Health Coach
  28. Ludo’s Primal Wellness
  29. Mom Gone Paleo
  30. Primal Upgrade
  31. Thriving on Paleo
  32. Primal Peaks
  33. Health and Wellness Primal
  34. Me Primal Mudder
  35. Primal Health Austria

21 Health and Wellness business names:

  1. Your Health Matters Coaching
  2. Wholehearted Health Coach
  3. Aurora Health Coaching
  4. Revolution Wellness
  5. Mind-Nutrition-Body Health Coaching
  6. Your Wellbeing
  7. Holistic Wellness for Life
  8. Simply Abundant Health
  9. CanAm Health and Wellness
  10. Restore Total Wellness
  11. Fallon Wellness Pharmacy of Saratoga
  12. Ancestral Health Coach
  13. IntegraVita Wellness
  14. Be Your Best Health Coaching
  15. Wellness Rediscovery
  16. McClellan Natural Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  17. The Real Health Thing
  18. Erin Health and Wellness
  19. Bridal Health Coaching
  20. Health Coach Eddie
  21. Deanna Wilcox Health Coach

14 Lifestyle-orientated business names:

  1. Be Free
  2. Live Excellently
  3. Yes2HealthyLife
  4. Live Healthy
  5. Vibrant-Healthy Living
  6. Born to be happy
  7. Goes the Garden Snail
  8. 28 to Life
  9. Rebel Male
  10. Change and Evolve
  11. Beautiful Reflections
  12. T1D Living
  13. Ikigai Lifestyle
  14. Become Healthy

30 Fitness-based business names:

  1. Golf Body Rx
  2. Mindful Body Fitness
  3. Becker Gets Fit
  4. Terrain Gym
  5. Six Pack Abs Class Room
  6. Misfit Gym
  7. Chisel Training
  8. Hustle Hut
  9. Absolution Crossfit
  10. Pro-Fitness Training
  11. Hot Mix Yoga
  12. Fit Treat
  13. Old Spartan Fitness
  14. On the Dance Floor Fitness
  15. New Moon Fitness
  16. Gymnacity
  17. Swat Fitness
  18. Crossfit Sweetwater
  19. Tennis Fitness
  20. Health Triad Personal Training
  21. East80 Crossfit
  22. Evolve Fitness By Jen
  23. QT Fitness/QT Health
  24. Simply Real Fitness
  25. Fit Sets
  26. Stronger Fitness
  27. Adaptive Bodywork
  28. Crossfit Njord
  29. Wild Fitness
  30. Crossfit Brawn

7 names that characterize their business ethos:

  1. Efficient Coaching
  2. Finding A Better You
  3. Thrive on the Basics
  4. Wildly Better
  5. True to our Makings
  6. The Superhuman Project
  7. The Healthy Tradie Project

9 Nutrition-based business names:

  1. Nourish & Lift
  2. Eat Simple
  3. Curious About Green
  4. Life Starts with Food
  5. LMH Nutrition
  6. Alchemist Eating
  7. Honey Bee Kitchen
  8. Cut the Wheat
  9. Your Gluten Free Buddy

7 Food-orientated business names:

  1. Undivided Food Co.
  2. Pure Food
  3. Eat Pretty Food
  4. Good Clean Chow
  5. Real Foods
  6. Real Results Food and Sunshine
  7. The Real Food Coach

19 Medical/Science business names:

  1. Ketoned Bodies
  2. Invincible Gut
  3. The Aspen Clinic
  4. [R]Evolution
  5. Intelligent Labs
  6. Humanize
  7. Functional Medical Institute
  8. Wevolv
  9. Eagle Trace Spine and Support
  10. Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne
  11. Sandy Plains Chiropractic
  12. Brilliant Life Chiropractic
  13. Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Center
  14. Resole Your Life
  15. Solefit
  16. Eureka Family Dental
  17. Your Mind is Infinite
  18. Good Health Therapy
  19. Mind Your Business

Tools To Help You Choose A Coaching Business Name

To help you brainstorm your very own clever business name, you can run your ideas through some freely available online tools to help you check the availability of your name:

  1. Domainr – Fast, free, domain name search to check whether your preferred domain name is available for purchase.
  2. Knowem – Search over 500 popular social networks, over 150 domain names, and the entire USPTO Trademark Database to instantly secure your brand on the internet.
  3. Shopify Business Name Generator – Enter a word that you want your business name to include and the generator will suggest related ideas.

Ultimately, the best name for your health coaching business is a name that reflects you.

Now it’s your turn to come up with your very own cool business name idea!

Want some real-life examples? Click here to see how 5 real health coaches picked their perfect business names.

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