Last Updated: May 11, 2021

From the United States to Singapore, health coaches are making waves.

Come along for the ride as we dive into the top health coaching industry headlines from Spring 2021 across the following categories:

  • Coaching Industry Growth and Innovations
  • Primal in the Media
  • Women’s Health and Mental Health
  • Health Coaches Around the Globe

There’s no stopping the growth in this promising field, and we’ve got the market data to prove it.

Coaching Industry: Growth and Innovations

  • Health Coaching has emerged as a $7 billion service industry according to the US Health Coaching Market Report (by Marketdata) in January 2021 on Research and Markets. “Consumers, employers, and insurers are each now more seriously focused on improving health and being proactive.” Why now? It seems this is a result of the culminating pandemic, rising obesity levels, and chronic health conditions, no doubt.
  • Curious about what’s trending in the Coaching Industry for 2021? Brain Magazine put together this clear-sighted industry trends report, and it’s not to be missed! I especially like trends #4: A Growing Focus on Integrity, #6: Mental Health and Bias Trauma De-Stigmatized, and #7: Less Burnout and More Self-Trust.
  • Corporate Wellness is projected to reach a market value of US $84.5 billion by 2027 according to Acumen Research and Consulting. North America, and particularly the United States, accounts for the largest share.

“More than half of the American population experiences stress during the day, which is 20% higher than the global average of 35%. As a result, a sizable portion of the US population is subjected to work-related stress that is expected to drive the corporate wellness market” for the next 6 years.

  • We’re entering a time when pro-bono coaching services will reach the needs of a global audience in a greater collective mission that’s aligned for social impact. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) launched a partnership with ManyHopes.org, an organization that sets out to empower children in poverty to influence community change through global partnerships. Together these institutions provide professional coaching to each organization’s leadership team around the world. “The value of this project for the partner organization lies in the transformation that coaching can bring to professionals and organizations.”
  • Starting this week is ICF’s 22nd annual International Coaching Week, where thousands of professional coaches and clients come together to recognize and promote the power and impact of coaching. This year’s theme is Defying Challenging Times, and “Currently there are 500+ events in 15 languages and from 40+ countries to choose from.” The free pre-launch events start May 12th!
  • Forbes published an interesting article about how to tell if professional coaching is worth the investment, and we’re pleased to say that Primal Health Coach Institute meets all three criteria. This calls for a special shout-out to our Level 2 grads and National Board Certified coaches!
  • Collaborations between a health coach and pharmacist? Yes! A year-long clinical study was conducted utilizing a collaborative model of disease management, including health coaching services for patients with common chronic diseases. The health coach provided nutritional lifestyle modification education through motivational interviewing, and the patient outcomes were quite impressive.
  • As of April 1st, 2021, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) have been approved for a taxonomy code if they “work for a healthcare organization or in partnership with a physician, and if they currently have the ability to bill for insurance.” This is a great sign of validation and what’s to come for our industry.

Primal in the Media

  • Did you catch our very own primal godfather Mark Sisson on the Joe Rogan Experience? They talk all things fake burgers, lab meat, two meals a day, intermittent fasting, anti-aging, and more. You can catch some of the top clips here.
  • Mark released a new book, Two Meals a Day, with Brad Kearns. “It seems like a true breakthrough,” Sisson cheered, because…

“It transcends niche dietary strategies like primal, paleo, keto, and even plant-based to expand the focus beyond food choices and macros to simply eating less frequently ….emerging science is validating some shocking insights that will topple the long-standing conventional stupidity of the calories in-calories out model, and the resultant failed decades of mainstream’s approach to weight loss.”

Women’s Health and Mental Health

  • May is Women’s Health Month, and the American Council on Exercise is starting a new dialogue series centered on women’s health and women’s fitness pros. Check it out!
  • Here’s a not-to-miss Forbes article on the effect the pandemic has had on women’s health. Coaches and mentors play a significant role in improving these conditions, especially for women in the workplace. Props to Forbes for bringing attention to the not-to-be-ignored reality of domestic violence against women which has increased significantly—and this UC Davis study demonstrates the many reasons that it’s predictable and probable.
  • “A study of over 28,000 women by the University of British Columbia found that women going through the stress of the pandemic are more likely to suffer from hypertension.”
  • Washtenaw United Radio interviewed health coach Liza Baker on self-care and soul care for over-scheduled, overworked woman. Did you know that women bear 75% of the mental load in a conventional household, and—as you’ve heard—since the pandemic, women have been hit harder? Health coaches to the rescue.
  • Employees in the workforce are suffering from greater stress, diabetes, and anxiety symptoms than ever before. Meru Health presents a promising solution. The Meru Health Coaching program combines video coaching sessions with evidence-based digital content to help businesses around the world provide their employees with comprehensive, sub-clinical, online mental health solutions.
  • “Cigna just announced that they’re the first national plan to reimburse for behavioral health coaching, a new covered benefit available now to 14M members” thanks to Ginger— a smartphone app offering confidential, around-the-clock emotional support and guided self-care, coaches, therapy, education, and more.

Health Coaches Around the Globe

  • How much will digital health coaching and in-person coaching enhance a person’s ability to apply and sustain new healthy behaviors? A research team from Seoul Korea’s National University Hospital ran this trial on 54 patients suffering from chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, chronic respiratory disease, and arthritis.
  • Millennial health coaches in Singapore set out to help elderly patients who may be particularly set in their ways. Here’s what they’ve learned in the process.
  • The Weight Loss for Health online program in Manitoba, Canada, was provided with a proof-of-concept grant needed to research their 16-week program that includes behavioral health coaching on diet, exercise, and stress management. Participants gain access to tools they need to sustain their new habits for an additional eight months after the program, too. “One of the goals of the project is to utilize results of the Weight Loss for Health online program to inform future investments in digital health technologies and the prevention and management of chronic diseases.”

That about wraps up the top headlines for Spring of 2021. Head over here to catch up on all of the news that’s graced this industry since ringing in the new year. 

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