Last Updated: September 08, 2021

Between branding yourself as a new health coach, crafting your offers, attracting clients, and juggling all this with your existing priorities, the initial stages of business building can be a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and even doubts.

No matter where you’re starting from, a business coach can help you break through personal or external barriers to see real growth in your business. Some coaches specialize in branding, marketing, sales, or productivity, and some even specialize in working with health coaches.

Before we get into our list of 10 business coaches to consider, let’s rap about the challenges we all face in the early stages of building a health coaching business.

Common Business Challenges Faced by New Health Coaches:

  • Loneliness – lacking day-to-day social interaction and feedback regarding your business
  • Being held back by imposter syndrome
  • Feeling constrained by limiting beliefs about money, sales, knowledge, or skills
  • Needing mentors or community for advice and feedback
  • Plenty of ideas, but lacking in execution or follow-through
  • Chronic procrastination due to overthinking and perfectionism
  • Deciding on a niche market
  • Clarifying your marketing message
  • Attracting new clients and opportunities
  • Setting unrealistic goals or expectations
  • Catastrophizing setbacks or learning curves
  • Feeling overwhelmed or incapable with technology
  • Trouble designing, pricing, and marketing coaching offers and programs
  • Frustration setting up baseline business systems for email, sales, and marketing
  • Finding time to build this business while working another job
  • Trouble making decisions around budgeting and income goals
  • Knowing when to persist and/or pivot for success
  • Identifying how and where your skills and strengths are best applied
  • Prioritizing the tasks or projects that will make the biggest impact

Although the majority of these challenges are addressed in the PHCI curriculum—where we prepare coaches to build the foundation of a business while simultaneously earning a health coaching certificate—many graduates go on to seek additional support from a business coach to experience even quicker progress in their new business.

As illustrated in a previous article, 15 Reasons Every Health Coach Needs a Coach, a business coach can help you… 

  • Figure out new revenue streams
  • Boost your confidence about raising your rates
  • Eliminate any limitations you may have about money and success
  • Identify your obstacles and give you the tools to overcome them
  • Prioritize, follow through, and stay accountable
  • Save the time and hassle of trying to figure it out on your own

After surveying my health coach peers, and considering the business coaches I’ve personally hired, here is a list of 10 Business Coaches to consider as you build your new health coaching business:

10 Business Coaches for Health Coaches to Consider

The icons beside each coach’s name denote the type of services each coach offers. 🤝 indicates 1:1 coaching, 👥 indicates group coaching, and 💻 signifies an online program.

1. Michelle Leotta 👥 💻

Michelle helps health coaches build profitable businesses (even if they’re just starting out, even if they’re not tech savvy). Check out her free training on how to earn a full-time salary as a health coach.

“Michelle’s program helped me map out content for an entire year that is specific to my target market. In her program, I ran my first free 5-day program to build my FB group—which went from 0-65 members in 2 weeks. I learned how to create an evergreen freebie to gain subscribers, developed my signature program, and created a virtual course!” – Dana Johnson, Primal Wife Happy Life

2. Joey Ragona 🤝 👥 💻

Joey works exclusively with people he describes as “heart-centered experts and coaches.” He helps you adjust your copywriting and procedures to gain more focus and clarity so that you know exactly what to do next, and how to attract your perfect clients.

Joey Ragona gives and gives, knowing that all of his heart-centered support comes back to him tenfold. If you feel caught in the race of growing your business to make money—and something about it doesn’t sit well with you—join us in Joey’s Strategic Marketing Club Facebook group (and tell him Marisa sent you). You’ll fit right in!

3. Christopher Becker 🤝 👥

Chris helps new Primal Health Coaches (PHCs) gain new clients on a regular basis with his step-by-step system and expert website development tips.

“If you need someone who understands Primal and can help you streamline a website for converting visitors to paying clients, work with Chris. His coaching and website development plan helped me get clear on my goals and create a website to match,” raved coach Dana Johnson from Primal Wife Happy Life, whose website has been featured on our most stunning websites series!

4. Samm Murphy 🤝 👥

Samm helps you “unleash your inner badass.” She’s all about helping you gain the confidence and clarity to overcome fear and create a life & biz you’re obsessed with.

“Samm is a one-stop shop for coaching. I went to therapists and had less connection than I did with Samm. I feel like I can get all the support I need whether that’s my business or my mental health/healing (which are surprisingly more connected than you think!) – Chloe Maleski, GroWithClo

5. Karen Pattock and Kathleen LeGrys 👥 💻

It’s likely that you’ll become one of Karen and Kathleen’s biggest fans after listening to their show called The Wellness Business Podcast. They specialize in helping health coaches attract recurring dream clients, and use wellness workshops or turn-key programs to build a health coaching business. Get on the waitlist for their group program The Wellness Business Accelerator, or check out Coaching with Confidence for done-for-you solutions.

6. Hailey Rowe 🤝 👥

Hailey, who’s also a certified health coach, helps you go beyond your health coaching certification and create a sustainable, profitable business.

I appreciated my time with Hailey because she’s a pro at systems and organization. She patiently helped me raise my coaching prices without compromising the equity I strive for. I recommend her to any health coach who’s just getting started or needing personal 1:1 attention and accountability.

7. Rachel Bell 👥 💻

Rachel Bell is the mastermind behind Online Coach Accelerator (OCA), a wildly successful 90-day, step-by-step course that helps you start and grow your online coaching business by using social media.

“OCA is one of the best programs for coaches. It transforms your practice beyond marketing strategies and sales tactics. It calibrates your mindset to become the best version of you, equipping you with necessary skills while emphasizing your mission along the way.” – Anya Perry

8. Rachel Feldman 🤝 👥 💻

Rachel helps health coaches create a signature offer and effective marketing funnel to earn their way to a 6-figure coaching business. Her offers are perfect for coaches who want exact scripts and swipe-copy—or what she calls a “leak-free” business funnel system—to save time and start testing offers with efficiency.

9. Alan Brown 👥 💻

Alan Brown, from Crusher Coaching and CrusherTV, teaches coaches the secrets of scaling their business and all the productivity hacks to get it done with less time and stress.

As a self-employed health coach—who happens to have ADHD—I face endless challenges that are only magnified by the voice in my head. Alan brings me back to earth, reminds me of my strengths, and has all of the tricks to help me execute. I highly recommend him to coaches struggling with attention, ADHD, overwhelm, or productivity—and who appreciate the realness of an east-coast personality type like Alan’s!

10. Diann Wingert 🤝 👥 💻

Diann Wingert left a successful psychotherapist career to become a coach and mentor because she wanted to “shift the conversation from problems to possibilities.” Now she specializes in helping female entrepreneurs who have big dreams but who struggle with focus or ADHD, direction, and sticking with a goal to the finish line. Get to know Diann better on her podcast, The Driven Woman.

Bonus: Commit Action

Commit Action’s team of coaches are trained to help you eliminate overwhelm and get more done. I’m loving the weekly 20-minute coaching calls because it forces me to review the past week, assess my progress, and design a perfect week ahead. Save $150 with this referral link and see if your productivity soars, too.

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