Last Updated: June 27, 2018

Primal Health Coaches are leading the way when it comes sharing their knowledge of healthy living and nutritious eating.

Our community is growing rapidly, and with this so is our shared wisdom and coaching experience.

Primal Health Coaches can be found in all corners of the globe.

Some of us are parents or grandparents.

Some of us have medical qualifications.

Others are fitness advocates.

Whilst we share the same passion to inspire others to live their lives with zest and vibrancy, we each have our own unique way of making a positive impact on the world.

In this post we’re going to celebrate and share some of the most outstanding websites, social media accounts, blogs, and podcasts produced by our very own Primal Health Coaches, to help inspire you to create your very own online space as a primal health expert.

1. Marks Daily Apple

We couldn’t have a list of outstanding Primal Health Coach websites without including the website and blog that started it all, Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark’s Daily Apple was developed by the author of The Primal Blueprint (and many other must-read books on ancestral health) and the co-founder of the Primal Health Coach program, Mark Sisson.

Mark’s Daily Apple has evolved into the preeminent online resource for all things relating to ancestral health. From the latest research into health, nutrition and fitness, to an extensive repository of primal food recipes, Mark’s Daily Apple has you covered. You can also find hundreds of life-changing testimonials from Primal Blueprint enthusiasts to help inspire you and your clients.

You can stay up to date with the latest happenings on Mark’s Daily Apple on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

2. Alchemist Eating

Alchemist Eating was developed by Dana Leigh Lyons, a certified Primal Health Coach.

Dana practices Chinese medicine and offers lifestyle coaching and prescriptions for medicinal herbs and supplements.

The Alchemist Eating website offers loads of free content including a regular blog with posts around 2 times per week, on topics such as health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Alchemist Eating also posts artistic photography and wellness messages on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

3. Peak Primal Health

Peak Primal Health is a vibrant website created by Ste Lane, a certified Primal Health Coach.

Ste’s brand and theme are on point, with captivating photos and impressive content.

Peak Primal Health has a well-written and engaging blog with posts covering lifestyle and nutrition advice as well as tasty recipes.

Ste’s passion for kettlebells and all things health and fitness can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Honey Bee Kitchen

Honey Bee Kitchen is a bright and cheerful website developed by certified Primal Health Coach Melissa Emmons.

Melissa’s bubbly personality shines through in her photos and the website’s color scheme, giving Honey Bee Kitchen a friendly and inviting feel.

Honey Bee Kitchen offers several different health coaching styles, including one-on-one, group and corporate services.

There is also a trove of tasty primal recipes at Honey Bee Kitchen that are definitely worth checking out!

5. A Brighter Wild

A Brighter Wild was created by certified Primal Health Coach Melani Schweder.

Melani provides an abundance of visually pleasing content on her page, including a free weekly blog, an Esty page where you can purchase body care and aromatherapy products, e-courses and health coaching services.

A Brighter Wild also has a vibrant social media presence that can be found on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

6. Primal Health Manila

Issa Aviles is a certified Primal Health Coach, and the founder and creator of Primal Health Manila. Issa is based in the Philippines and specializes in anti-aging, corporate health coaching, and developing a healthy mindset.

Primal Health Manila has a biweekly blog that covers topics such as nutrition, primal recipes and coaching. These posts are well-written and informative.

The Primal Health Manila website has loads of radiant photos and is easy to navigate.

You can also find Primal Health Manila on Facebook and Instagram.

7. Primal Alternative

Primal Alternative was developed by Helen Marshall, a certified Primal Health Coach.

Helen is based in Australia and has developed her niche around her passion for baking primal alternatives to our favorite baked goods.

The Primal Alternative website highlights Helen’s expanding health business. Helen offers Primal Alternative franchising and affiliate opportunities to anyone interested in learning how to prepare and sell their own Primal Alternative goods.

Helen is also the host of the Primal Alternative Podcast and writes the Primal Alternative blog.

That’s not all! Helen also offers health coaching and guest speaking.

You can find Primal Alternative on Facebook and on Instagram.

8. Jen’s Primal Health

Jen’s Primal Health was created by Jennifer Essary, a certified Primal Health Coach.

Jen’s Primal Health is a hub of information, and it’s very clear from the moment you visit this website what Jen is all about; health, fitness and family.

Jennifer offers several services including endurance training, health coaching and guided shopping trips.

You can also fine an informative blog that includes a mix of tasty paleo recipes and nutrition advice.

Jen’s Primal Health is also active over several social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

9. Coach Becker

Coach Becker was created by certified Primal Health Coach Christopher Becker.

The website has a professional feel to it, and is easy to navigate.

Christopher uses the perfect blend of photographs, videos and words to share his own personal health story and his business brand.

Christopher has clearly defined the services offered at Coach Becker, which are health and wealth coaching.

Under the health arm of Coach Becker you will find the online health program known as Ketology as well as well as one-on-one health coaching.

Coach Becker can also be found on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

10. Dana Shafir Wellness

Dana Shafir Wellness was developed by Dana Shafir, a certified Primal Health Coach.

Dana is also a doctoral level clinical therapist who offers several health coaching services including online programs, telephonic coaching and corporate coaching.

There is loads of free content available on the Dana Shafir Wellness site, including meal ideas, recipes, and ideas for keeping the kids active.

Dana Shafir Wellness is active on several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

11. Core Elements Lifestyle Centre

Core Elements Lifestyle Center was created by certified Primal Health Coach Glenda Jeffords.

Glenda is also a licensed skin care professional and her website reflects both her health coaching and her skin care services.

The Core Elements website has a natural earthy feel, with captivating images that conjure up feelings of adventure and freedom.

Core Elements can also be found on Facebook.

12. Hexagon Wellness

Jeff Konrad, a certified Primal Health Coach, is the founder of Hexagon Wellness.

The Hexagon Wellness website is very easy to navigate.

Jeff holds several qualifications in addition to his health coach certification. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Movnat Level 1 Trainer, and a Running Clinic Certified Specialist.

Hexagon Wellness has an abundance of information, including an extensive blog that covers topics such as nutrition, science and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

The services offered at Hexagon Wellness include health coaching and Bio-EMF Home Electromagnetic Assessment.

Hexagon Wellness can be found an Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

13. True To Our Makings

True To Our Makings has been developed by certified Primal Health Coach Lisa Sooley, who has a background in evolutionary biology and journalism.

True To Our Makings is filled with mouth-watering culinary images that will inspire you to get back into the kitchen.

There is also an extensive recipe repository including a pet food section.

True To Our Makings also has a nutrition blog, and Lisa offers health coaching services through her website.

You can follow True To Our Makings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In today’s post we have showcased the outstanding online presence developed by our very own Primal Health Coach graduates. Each and every one of these graduates is sharing their knowledge of ancestral health with the world, in their own unique way. They have all developed their own niche and are carving their own paths as health and wellness advocates.

We hope this post has inspired you to create your own online space in the form of a website, blog and/or social media presence.

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