A huge part of building your business brand is choosing the right name for your health coaching business.

Your business name has the potential to give prospective clients an idea of what’s at the core of your business and what services you provide.

Choosing a name that encompasses your business ethos takes time and much consideration.

We have previously posted an extensive list of 149 catchy health, wellness and fitness business names that we hope has been helpful for your own business name brainstorming.

In this post, we’ve listed an additional 149 catchy health coaching business names to help you come up with your own creative and informative business name. These are actual existing business names, so use these as jumping off points to brainstorm your own.

27 Primal/Paleo Business Names

  1. Primal for Life
  2. Primal Body Wellness
  3. Caroline Hind Primal Health
  4. Ruta Paleo
  5. Primal Mind Body
  6. Primal Utopia
  7. Primal Preacher
  8. Live Primal
  9. Primal Sensei
  10. Extremely Primal and Fit
  11. Primal Lives Matter
  12. True North Primal
  13. Vida Primal
  14. Primally Empowered
  15. Derek Primal
  16. Primal Hong Kong
  17. Primal RD
  18. Primal Nutritionist
  19. Paleo Strong
  20. Pamela’s Paleo Life
  21. Your Primal Life
  22. Primal Coach Joe
  23. Primal Me
  24. Jen’s Primal Health
  25. Peak Primal Health
  26. Austin Paleo Grrl
  27. Primal Life

35 Health and Wellness Business Names

  1. Health Coach Wade
  2. Thriving with Deanna
  3. Novel Wellness
  4. Conscious Living & Lifestyle
  5. The Wellness Institute
  6. Green Cheetah Health and Wellness
  7. Wellness Adventure with Vanessa Marsden, RN
  8. Your Natural Health Online
  9. Healthy Conspiracy Dana Shafir
  10. Wellness Knight Wellness and Therapy
  11. Meraki Health
  12. Whole Health
  13. Emily Renaissance Health and Wellness
  14. AC Nutrition and Wellness
  15. Naturopathic Earth
  16. Custom Wellness Solutions
  17. Hexagon Wellness
  18. Nike Wellness Center
  19. Stage Wellness
  20. Eden Wellspring
  21. EternaWell
  22. Gaia Health Care
  23. Healthy Radiance
  24. Inspired Health Center
  25. It’s All Connected Natural Health and Living
  26. Optimal Wellness
  27. Wholeheartedly Healthy
  28. One Whole Health
  29. Health Coach Solutions
  30. Healthy Hits the Spot
  31. Carmen Hunter Health
  32. My Health Coach Robyn
  33. Zenful Life Coaching for Wellness
  34. Your Total Health Experience
  35. The Health Coach Is In

13 Lifestyle-Orientated Business Names

  1. The Lifestyle Guide
  2. Live Clean Nourish
  3. Destination Clean Living
  4. The Holistic Family
  5. One Complete Life
  6. Leila Loves Life
  7. Basic Healthy Living
  8. Live Well Lifestyles
  9. Real Balance Wellness
  10. The Pure Health Coach
  11. Shining Health
  12. Health Coach Advantage
  13. Peaceful Balance

5 Nutrition-Based Business Names

  1. Bom Nutrition
  2. Frisky Lemon
  3. Nutrition Her
  4. Nourished Iron Mum Carla Health and Nutrition Coach
  5. Eighty Twenty Nutrition

25 Fitness-Based Business Names

  1. 2 Strong Arms
  2. Fixed on Fitness
  3. Training Human
  4. Big Sky Pilates Studio
  5. Everhart Fitness and Health
  6. Sirens and Titans Fitness
  7. Trial by Fire Fitness
  8. CB South Fitness
  9. Body Rite Training
  10. Beefit
  11. Wild Fitness
  12. Jhana Fitness and Wellness
  13. Steve Mazich Fitness & Nutrition
  14. Bill Ross Fit
  15. Bfit BodyFit
  16. Method Fitness Calgary
  17. Isabella Fitness
  18. Fit Sets
  19. LadyPippen Training Systems
  20. Tenacity Training
  21. Resolute Health and Fitness
  22. Body Image Fitness and Nutrition
  23. Yoga Health Coaching
  24. Greenharmony Yoga and Health Coaching
  25. CrossFit Primal

29 Names that Characterize Business Ethos

  1. Fit Happy Girl
  2. Croodeo
  3. Wifi Free Sunday
  4. Results Tucson
  5. Very Human Relations
  6. Addicted to Lovely
  7. Spyr
  8. Beyond the Table
  9. Healthy Body Fueling
  10. Born to be Happy
  11. Skinny Tails
  12. Shift Your Path
  13. Six Pack School
  14. AK Motion
  15. Resolutionary Man
  16. Coaching with Heidi
  17. Build to Balance
  18. Boundless Possibilities
  19. I Am Woman Health and Wellness Coaching
  20. Naturally Unbridled
  21. Mark’s Daily Apple
  22. The Green Creator
  23. Coach Do Something
  24. Find Your Balance
  25. Whole Health Designs – Health Coaching for Busy Women
  26. Mind-Body-Soul Coaching with Claire Obeid
  27. The Whole Way Home Womens Health Coach
  28. The Balanced Beauty
  29. Well Balanced Living

9 Food Orientated Business Names

  1. Sunrise Health Foods
  2. Real Food Girl
  3. Amy Sue Chef
  4. Food for Thought
  5. Frugal Fruits
  6. Families Eat Better With Health Coach Stephanie Leach
  7. Whole Food Health Coach
  8. Adam Hart’s Power of Food
  9. Nuts About Avocados

5 Medical/Science Business Names

  1. Box Acupuncture
  2. Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center
  3. Get in Your Genes
  4. Paull Chiropractic at Rivers Edge
  5. Nurses Health Coaching

What to Do Once You’ve Decided on a Name

Brainstorming the perfect name is a huge step towards starting your own health coaching business.

However, once you’ve decided on a business name, it’s time to get a few legal and administrative matters sorted.

Trademark Your Business Name

One of the first things you must do after choosing your business name is to make sure it hasn’t already been trademarked by someone else.

The next step is to trademark your business name.

Trademarking your business name means that no one else can use your chosen name. It can only be used by you and your business, which is hugely important when developing your business brand and attracting new clients.

Register Your Domain Name

Having an online presence is an absolute must for a health coach starting their own business.

The first step towards starting your own business website is to get a domain name. A domain name is unique to your website; it’s your online address.

Your domain name can be the name of your health coaching business or a derivative of it.

When choosing a domain name you can use a freely available subdomain from a website builder such as WordPressSquarespace, and Weebly. This can be a great option if you’re working on a tight budget. The major downside to using a subdomain is that your website builder will include their extension at the end of the domain name.

For example:

  • healthcoachexample.wordpress.com

Purchasing a domain name will help with creating your business brand and it looks more professional.

For example:

  • healthcoachexample.com

To check the availability of a domain name, search for it at Instant Domain Search.

Domain names can be purchased either directly from a domain registrar or from a website builder such as Squarespace or Weebly.

Two of the most popular domain name providers are GoDaddy and NameCheap.

In summary, we hope this list of existing health, wellness and fitness business names will help inspire your creativity so you can find that perfect name for your own health coaching business!

Want some real-life examples? Click here to see how 5 real health coaches picked their perfect business names.

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